Kris Van Dessel


An approach to the art collection of Kris Van Dessel. An approach to all the works in the living space of the artist.
Every artwork was transformed into a print. The dimensions of the original artworks were printed as monochrome fields on standard paper formats that correspond to the dimensions of the original works. Each print represents a work of art from the collection of the artist. The actual size of the artwork, including its frame, if any, is displayed as a colour field that refers to the most prevalent colour in the original artwork. Three-dimensional works are represented in two dimensions as a print. The collection of Kris Van Dessel consists of 115 works of art. A total of 115 prints were produced. All prints are available in digital format on a USB disk. 30 USB disks were produced as multiples. The USB disks are provided with a white cardboard box. Each of the white boxes can contain a complete (partly folded) set of 115 prints.
30 copies + 5 AP's, 2016